The Life Sciences Center (LSC) Areas
within the "Science City"
The "Science City" is 922 acres or 1.4 square miles.

Areas on the map:
  • Yellow - LSC North
  • Green - LSC South
  • Purple - LSC Central
  • Blue - LSC West or the Public Services Training Academy (PSTA)
  • Coral Pink - Belward Farm
  • The black dotted line is the original alignment of the Corridor Cities Transitway.  
    The red line shows the proposed alternate routes.

  • The road below the coral pink, blue and purple areas is Darnestown Road.  The
    road to the west of Belward Farm is Muddy Branch Road.  

  • Great Seneca Highway and Key West Avenue criss-cross in the center.  The
    road to the east of the Science City is Shady Grove Road.