The Gaithersburg West Master Plan was approved by the County Council and will change the zoning to allow
for high-rise, high-density commercial development and housing in what is now purely a medical, research and
development area.  

The Great Seneca Science Corridor (Gaithersburg West) Master Plan approved:
  • 17.5 million square feet of development and 5,700 housing units for a total of 23,200,000 million square
    feet of development which is equivalent in size to FOUR PENTAGONS in an area that is about 1.5 square
  • Belward Farm will be developed for approximately 15,000 people in 12- to 15-story high-rise buildings up
    to 150 feet high.
  • The Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT) is being offered as 'mass transit' but will carry only about 12-15% of
    the additional people leaving 85%  or over 50,000 cars added to the already congested roads.  Six- and
    eight-lane highways with ten- to sixteen-lane multilevel highway interchanges may be required to handle
    the additional traffic.
  • Once all the infrastructure and the Corridor Cities Transitway are completed, the average rush hour
    speed is expected to be, on a good day, 10 mph on Great Seneca Highway which is now posted at 55mph.

    The residents were not involved in the development of this plan and even though we have expressed
    our concerns about this plan for years; very few if any of our concerns have been sufficiently addressed.

    It is imperative that we monitor this plan as it goes through the development stages.  At least one
    person from each subdivision should be signed up to receive announcements and planning documents.  
    To be placed on the list to receive these documents, call ARNITA JACKSON in the Community Relations
    Office (301-495-4601) and ask to be put on their list as your community's contact person to receive all
    plans and notices for projects in the Great Seneca Science Corridor Master Plan area and in the North
    Potomac area to the south.

Gaithersburg Mayor and City Council Adopt Resolution Regarding Gaithersburg West Master Plan
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Rockville Resolution regarding Montgomery County's Gaithersburg West Master Plan.
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