The Civic and Community groups in Montgomery County are united in our concerns about the potentially
harmful effects of the massive development proposed by this plan.

The Gaithersburg West Master Plan - unfinished business:  Email to the County Council, April 1, 2010

ACT Letter to County Council White Flint and Gaithersburg West Master Plans:  February 28, 2010

The Sierra Club is keeping a scorecard:  February 17, 2010

Action Committee for Transit Opposes Gaithersburg West Master Plan - February 28,2010

Community and Civic Groups oppose the scale of the Gaithersburg West Master Plan.

The Gaithersburg - North Potomac - Rockville Coalition:  Recommendations and Concerns

The North Potomac Citizens Association - Flyer - "Science City" & Gaithersburg West Master Plan

The Gaithersburg - North Potomac - Rockville Coalition:  Flyer - Massive Development Threatens Our Area

Maryland Politics Watch Blogspot:  The Gaithersburg West Master Plan and the Magic Carpet

West Montgomery County Citizens Association:  Excerpt from newsletter regarding the Gaithersburg West
Master Plan

Residents for Reasonable Development (RRD):  Letter to the Planning Board

The Montgomery Countryside Alliance: Help Prevent Gaithersburg West Plans for High-Density 'Science

The Gaithersburg - North Potomac - Rockville Coalition:  The Science City - Community Issues and

Action Committee for Transit:   Testimony on the Gaithersburg West Master Plan

North Potomac Citizens Association - The North Potomac Periodical:  Largest Bio-Tech Science Centers in
the Country Proposed for Belward Farm and Neighboring Areas

The Sierra Club:  Statement on Proposed West Gaithersburg Life Sciences Center

Montgomery County Civic Federation:  DENSIMAX

The files are in PDF format.  If you have difficulty viewing the files, go to to download the
Adobe Reader.