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Each painting is an accumulation of all the classes, books, workshops, experiments,
successes and failures…twenty
-five years of two steps forward, one step back in a never-
ending journey down many paths.

I have painted with watercolor, acrylic and oil as well as mixed-media collage.  I have
painted representationally and abstractly.  

The focus is always on creating a pleasing, unified painting using the elements of art and
good design principles.  I know I have found my subject when I see something that
catches my eye and I want to capture it on canvas, or if an idea about color, shape or line
pops into my head and it wants to be a painting or collage.  

Jewelry design is based on the same principles and not coincidentally you’ll see many
similarities in my paintings and jewelry.  Forging, shaping and joining requires the same
eye as painting.

Whether moving paint, metal or paper, I’m happy as long as I am learning and creating.