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Each painting is an accumulation of all the classes, books, workshops, experiments, successes
and failures…twenty years of two steps forward, one step back in a never ending journey down
many paths.

When I painted in watercolor, I concentrated on technique and learning to see shapes, values
and color. As I branched out into oils and acrylics I also started to paint outdoors, "en plein air".
The landscape is a very complicated place when you’re standing in the middle of it.

Simplifying or abstracting the landscape was necessary.  In order to paint more abstractly I
needed to nail down the principles of design and composition.  Making collages and painting
experimentally has taught me to think abstractly. When there is no preconceived subject and the
painting develops layer by layer, the elements and principles of design act as guideposts in the
creation of a successful painting.  These lessons can be used across all media.

Jewelry design is based on the same principles and not coincidentally you’ll see many similarities
in my paintings and jewelry.  Forging, shaping and joining requires the same eye as painting.

Whether moving paint, metal or paper, I’m happy as long as I am learning and creating.